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Staff Legal is an initiative of juridical and labor services arising as result of the expertise of our founders in the legal market of the Dominican Republic.

This labor expertise is combined with a modern and global vision in exercising law profession, complementing it with the policy that all our legal personnel attend master courses at Canada, United States and France universities.

We have borne with the purpose of offering legal services, with optimum quality levels, achieving a relationship highly professional with our customers and related, always keeping personal treatment with each of them and their needs.

To offer our customers the highest security levels, our firm is presently a credited member of the American Bar Association (ABA), International Bar Association (IAB), American Chamber of Commerce (ACC) and the Dominican-French Chamber of Commerce.

The commitment, efficiency and loyalty to our customers are an essential part of our philosophy.

Mission: To characterize for being service providers of legal counsel with excellent and high quality levels, based on our practice of principles and values that are derived from personal and professional ethic.

Vision: To enlarge our customer portfolio through the legal and tax administration of local and foreign investments in the Dominican Republic, in the frame of worldwide economy that evolves toward mechanisms each time more complex and needing precise juridical structures to adapt to the needs of the actors who interact with it.